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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Davis Dry Cleaners follow standards and policies set forth by the TSA (Textile Services Association). These policies are standard to all dry cleaners, including dry cleaning stores


At Davis Dry Cleaners our rules stipulate that the care label instructions on our customer’s garments should be adhered to at all times in the cleaning process. Any garments with no care labels, or labels which are deemed unsatisfactory to TSA standards, will only be cleaned at the owners risk. Therefore all responsibility will rest with the customer to seek explanation or compensation with the manufacturer. In some cases, we may feel confident that the care label attached is incorrect, or for items with no care label, we would automatically select the most suitable cleaning method for that particular garment/cloth depending on fabric content, trimmings and accessories, and natural characteristics of the garment without advising the customer of this decision. This decision will be applied with the years of knowledge and expertise to provide the best procedure for that particular cloth in our professional opinion. Should our selected cleaning methods prove to be incorrect if and when a complaint arises, an independent tester will be required to determine the cause of the damage. Once a report is provided by this independent tester, a full refund for the test together with a refund for the garment will be given should the report suggest in any way or form that our selected cleaning methods were incorrect and the probable cause for this damage.

We exercise the utmost care in cleaning and processing garments entrusted to us and use such processes which, in our opinion, are best suited to the nature and conditions of each individual garment. Nevertheless, we cannot assume responsibility for inherent weaknesses or defects in materials which may result in tears or development of small holes in fabric that are not readily apparent prior to processing. We are not responsible for sun fading, colour loss due to non-fastness, wear and tear and shrinkage, colour bleeding or damage due to weak and tender fibres and fabrics possibly damaged by UV light or colour loss due to perspiration and perfume.

Davis Dry Cleaners will always be wary of garments made using extreme colour differences on one garment i.e. a black cloth together on the same garment with a white cloth. These garments as always will be treated exactly as recommended on the care label attached being the manufacturer’s instructions but we cannot be held responsible should the darker fabric bleed colour into the lighter fabric area as we recognise this to be poor manufacturing and responsibility will lie with the manufacturer.


All service washes are washed at 40 degrees and tumble dried, it is the responsibility of the customer to check that garments can be cleaned this way, davisDry Cleaners cannot be responsible for shrinkage or colour runs.

The above applies to dry cleaning and wet laundering processes.

Stain Removal

Much as we would dearly love to guarantee to our customers the removal of every mark and stain from every type of material, we are unfortunately unable to do so. We therefore advise customers to be extremely wary of any company that makes such a promise. We advise that should you know the stain content, this should be pointed out to our counter staff when depositing your item at the branch. The chances of stain removal are reduced if any non-professional techniques have been applied such as the use of water or soda. Also, it is advisable that you use a reputable dry cleaner at the first instance as incorrect treatment of stains may help them to set therefore making them less possible to remove the second time. We treat problematic stains with great caution but sometimes to achieve results we need to use harsher techniques and chemicals. Should the need arise we will contact you before going ahead as certain stain removals can only be done at the customers own risk. We may not be able to guarantee the results.

Delicate materials can be easily damaged by irresponsible over - treatment with inappropriate agents. These items will be looked over and if necessary dealt with by the owners themselves over our most experienced staff, applying the best methods and safest options. We will use our experience to recognize when to stop before causing damage to the garment. Should we decide that there should be no further treatment; a “Stain Ticket” will be attached to advise you of this. Should you wish further treatment after this advice, although we will be happy to assist, this will be at your own risk.

What we can guarantee our customers is that we will always strive to achieve the best possible results (in many cases this will indeed be a completely clean and rejuvenated garment) without risking damage to the delicate materials.

Suede & Leather

Suede & leather garments are examples of materials that have inherent weaknesses or defects in the material. They are subject to natural flaws. We cannot take responsibility for colour imbalance or change. Unlike fabrics, all skin garments will age after cleaning. All suede’s and leathers are given to a third party skin cleaning specialist who we recommend as a competent service provider. Should a genuine complaint arise, we will endeavour to communicate with this service provider on your behalf to come to a resolution but should a claim be the only outcome, then all compensation procedures will be according to the terms and conditions of the service provider and not the terms and conditions of Davis Dry Cleaners. Should you require the terms of business for this service provider we will provide you the contact detail for your application.

Trimmings - buttons, beads, belts etc.

Although we are unable to accept responsibility for loss or damage to beads, crystals, sequins, buttons, diamante's, pearls, buckles etc., due to their inherent unsuitability for dry cleaning, we have unrivalled skill and experience in identifying the most appropriate cleaning methods for each specific piece having examined it’s decorative components. This is a design issue rather than a cleaning one - we have to rely to a certain extent on the fact that the dressmaker / manufacturer has attached the beads adequately and has used beads which are suitable for dry cleaning - although we will of course do our best to check and test the components before cleaning. All such items are cleaned at the owner’s risk, as Davis Dry Cleaners will not take responsibility under any circumstances.

Delivery Policy

Once your order has reached our shop via one of our drivers, your items will be checked and booked in should there be any discrepancies we will try to contact you and inform you of these. It is advisable that you leave a mobile phone number as all calls of this nature will be during office hours Monday to Friday. If we are unable to make contact, we may decide at our own discretion to continue processing your order and internally note the discrepancy or in some cases at our discretion, we may feel it not advisable to continue with the order and wait until contact is made or further notice. We will not be responsible for incorrectly counted items and incorrectly completed forms, resulting in less or additional items to be processed than noted originally by the customer.

Our collection and delivery times are between 9am to 9pm Monday to Friday. We ask our customers to choose a time slot that suits them and we will do our best to make sure that this time slot is met when collecting or delivering your items. If you do not select a time slot we will call at your premises when we believe would be suitable to you or ourselves depending on our route. Special request for different time slots may be accepted but may not always be possible. Please understand that these are time slots and not appointment times. All items collected will normally be delivered after 24 hours at the earliest in most circumstances as a standard rule.

If after placing the order, a customer becomes aware the driver will not be able to collect or deliver to their address at the chosen time due to any circumstances, the customer must inform the company as soon as possible. The company will endeavour to agree another convenient time, but this would be subject to availability by time and date. An additional 10% of the total order value may be charged at our discretion should a customer request a re-delivery at another convenient time on all unsuccessful deliveries.

If the driver visits the address within the scheduled time slot and there is no response or is unable to gain access, the garments will be returned back to branch. And if you wish to collect from branch next day it will be available.Should the customer request another delivery time we will agree a suitable time slot and re-deliver. A 2nd attempt delivery charge may be applied and will be at our discretion. The company reserves the right to terminate the account of a person or address where this occurs repeatedly.

A charge currently is free to collect and free to deliver will be applied to all orders and all orders must have a minimum total value of £20. Any order below the minimum total of £20will be charged at £3 for return delivery rather than free.These charges may change at any time without notice or customer notification.

The company reserves the right to not accept an order or cancel an order if there is reason to suspect staff may be at risk of physical or verbal abuse or if there have been problems of the customer not opening the door to a collection or delivery previously or difficulties of access to the premises.

Where an order requires collection or delivery above the third floor, should there be no access by lift, either permanently or temporarily, the company reserves the right to decline the collection or delivery. The company would want to be helpful in these situations and would request that the customer contact them and make them fully aware of the situation and needs. Where it is possible, practical and not a health or safety issue, the company will endeavour to explore ways to still help the customer but cannot guarantee to be able to do so.

We accept all methods of payment in the form of cash, cheque. In the event that payment could not be made, Davis Dry Cleaners has the right to refuse delivery at the time of delivery and return all items to our premises until payment has been received.

Loss and Damage Policy

In the unlikely event of damage please inform us within 48 hours of receiving your garment. If needed we will pick up your garment, investigate and contact you within 24 hours.

Count discrepancies must be reported within 48 hours of collecting or delivery of your items. After that we will not assume responsibility for items subsequently reported missing. On observation of an item returned for possible damage due to our processes, we may immediately accept responsibility and offer fair compensation after close inspection and our experienced knowledge applied. However, although we are able to make a most definite assumption in most cases as to the cause of a damaged item, circumstances may arise that we are unaware of and may not have a possible explanation to the cause of the complaint. If it is unclear who is responsible for the damage, we will arrange for an independent analysis by a fabric care research laboratory Restitution will be made based upon the lab's report.

Should a report from the independent tester suggest in any way shape or form that the damage caused is due to our cleaning processes, we will compensate fully for the item and the cost of the report where applicable.

In some circumstances where a report is not required Davis Dry Cleaners may feel that a credit note rather than a cheque may be the only compensation available for particular cases and will exercise their right to do so at their discretion.

Right to Refuse

Davis Dry Cleaners reserve the right to refuse our service to any customer.


Davis Dry Cleaners reserves the right to change prices at any time without notification and is not responsible for errors on the website related to pricing.

Statutory Rights.

These terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.

Davis Dry Cleaners reserve the right to dispose of garments without further notice.